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Photo Gallery

Club History (Photos 121 to 180) Club History (Photos 121 to 180) 201509.28 9th Anniversary KO Consolation Event Final Jevon Dimech bt Luca Borg Pardo 62 60 206533714 2015.09.28 9th Anniversary KO Main Draw Final Pawel Rybak bt Sandro Mamo 64 36 10.6 206533715 2015.09.28 Presentation of trophy to Krysta Dimech Winner of Ladies League Division 1 206533716 2015.09.28 Presentation of trophy to Jevon Dimech winner of Division 2 206533717 2015.09.28 Presentation of trophy to Pawel Rybak as winner of Division 1 206533718 2015.09.28 Presentation of trophy to Luca Borg Pardo as runner-up in the Consolation Event 206533719 2015.09.28 Presentation of trophy to Jevon Dimech as Winner of the Anniversary Consolation Event 206533720 2015.09.28 Presentation of trophy to Sandro Mamo as runner up in the Main Draw of the Anniversary KO Tournament 206533721 2015.09.28 Ms Anna Mamo presenting the trophy to Pawel Rybak from Poland as Winner of the Anniversary KO Tournament 206533722 2015.11.03 Over 50 Singles A Final between Stephen Mallia and John Portelli before the final. 206533723 2015.11.03 Over 50 Singles A Final winner Stephen Mallia presented with the trophy by Joe Borg in charge of the Tournament. 206533724 2015.11.06 Over 50 Singles B Final after the presentation of trophy to the Winner Albert Catania who beat Albert Sant 63 64. 206533725 2015.11.06 George Bugeja and Joyce Scicluna Winners of 2015 Division A mixed Doubles Tournament by beating John Portelli and Lillian Chetcuti Riolo in the final. 206533726 2015.11.06 Mixed Doubles Winners George Bugeja and Joyce Scicluna together with runners up John Portelli and Lillian Chetcuti Riolo before the final. 206533727 2015.12.13 Partecipants in the day tournament organized by the club thanks to Mr Joe Borg. 206533728 2015.12.13 The team winners of the day tournament after the presentation of trophies by Joe Borg. From left Andre Krause, Joe Borg, Michelle Braddick Southgate and Josephine Scicluna. 206533729 2016.01.14 Presentation of trophies to Winners Doriana XhaXho and Lawrence Scerri together with runners-up Kate Deceasare and Andrea Gera de Petri of the Mixed Doubles Tournament by Joseph Borg. 206533730 2016.02.10 Partecipants in the day tournament organised by Joe Borg on behalf of the club. Well Done. 206533731 2016.02.10 Day Tournament winners Helen, Louis, Daniel after the presentation of trophies by Joe Borg together with Anna Mamo committee member. 206533732 2016.03.31 Day Tournament partecipants organized by Joe Borg. Another successful one. Thanks to all. 206533733 2016.03.31 Winners of this Tournament Josephine Scicluna, David Sweet and not in the photo Bryan Borg. 206533734 2016.04.07 Winners of Over 100 doubles Tournament Franco Montesin and James Mifsud. 206533735 2016.04.23 Winter Singles Winner Sandro Mamo being presented the trophy by Malta National Football team coach Sig. Pietro Ghedin soon after the match won 57 63 10.5 206533736 2016.04.23 Runner-up Weiken Chan being presented with the trophy by Mr. Pietro Ghedin. 206533737 2016.04.24 Lucio Dubini being presented with the B trophy by Ms. AM Mamo after winning the final 62 62 206533738 2016.04.24 Krysta Dimech runner-up in the B trophy by Ms AM Mamo soon after the match. 206533740 2016.04.29 Repainting of the two tennis courts. 206533741 2016.05.30 Presentation of trophies by Joe Borg tournament organizer to the winners and runners up of the B ladies doubles tournament won by Michelle Braddick Southgate and Geraldine Zammit who beat Janine Montebello and Christina Micallef in the Final. 206533742 2016.06.06 Presentation of trophies to the Winners of the A ladies doubles tournament by Joe Borg to Joyce Scicluna and Lucia Cortis who beat Carmen Elden and Helen Azzopardi 62 75. 206533743 2016.06.06 Joe Borg presenting the trophies to the doubles runner's up Carmen Elden /Helen Azzopard soon after the final of the A ladies tournament 206533744 2016 Division 1 League Lucio Dubini Winner 206533745 2016 Division 2 League Jevon Dimech Winner 206533746 2016 Division 3 League Krysta Dimech Winner 206533747 2016 Division Dimitar Petrov 206533748 2016 Division Toni Westerholm 206533749 2016 Division Manuele Marini 206533750 2016 Division Bryan Borg 206533751 2016.09.24 Presentation of trophy to Carlo Miceli as runner up in the Main Draw 10th Anniversary Singles tournament. 206533752 2016.09.24 The Winner of the 10th Anniversary Singles Tournament Nicholas Degaetano presented with the trophy by Eleno Mamo club secretary. 206533753 2016.09.24 A reception was held at the club for members and other distinguished guest. 206533754 2016.09.24 A well attended reception at the club soon after the unveiling of a plaque commemorating the 10th Anniversary. 206533755 2017.03.30 The showers toilets partitions in the changing rooms ready. 206533756 2017.03.30 The showers, toilets partitions in the men's and ladies changing rooms ready. 206533759 2017.03.31 The new entrance stairs to court number 2 done by Eleno Mamo ready and being used as main entrance. 206533760 2017.04.01 The finalists in the Winter Singles Tournament.after presentation of trophies. Left Pawel Rybak and and right the Winner Sandro Riera. 206533761 2017.05.19 Winner Elaine Genoves with Krysta Dimech after the presentation of trophies. 206533762 2017.05.19 Finalist together with spectators and officials after the presentation of Trophies and cheques. 206533763 2017.05.20 Players on court two warming up for the Men's singles Final. 206533764 2017.05.20 Men's Singles Winner Matthew Asciak in action during the final match. 206533765 2017.05.20 Runner-up Denzil Agius in action during the final. 206533779 2017.05.20 Photographers taking a photos after the presentation ceremony. 206533768 2017.05.20 Representatives from the sponsors of EnergyBet, Malta Tennis Federation and Charles Grech & Co. Ltd after the presentation of trophies and cash. 206533769 206533770 206533771 206533772 206533773 11th Anniversary Plate Event 2017 Presentation of trophies to Georges Meekers (right) after beating Mikael Holgersson 46 64 10.6 in the final played on Sunday 17th September. 206533774 206533775 Monday 11th September 2017 Presentation of the Winner trophy to Mark Gatt. 206533776 206533777