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Photo Gallery

Club History (Photos 1 to 60) Club History (Photos 1 to 60) Old Photos First photo of Pembroke court condition in 1984 and the first paint and improvement 206533455 Old Photos Dr L. Farrugia Sacco President of MTF presenting trophies in 1994 206533457 Old Photos The Club at Pembroke in 1995 and the team representing the Club at MTF double. 206533458 Training Camp with Corrado Barazzutti 25.06.98 Sandro Mamo and Myriam Borg together with the Italian National teams captain Corrado Barazzuti during a training camp 206533459 Birkirkara Tennis Club The New Club Logo 2002 206533460 Riccardo Ghedin of Italy Winner of VLTC Open in 2003 206533463 Riccardo Ghedin of Italy With Mr & Ms Mamo with whom he stayed during the tournament 206533464 Mepa Approved site plan 2005 206533465 Site original state 2002 206533466 First engine to enter site 16.08.2005 206533467 Digging according to permit 16.08.2005 206533468 Construction work April 2006 206533469 Rubble wall built by Eleno Mamo 206533470 Presentation by Parliamentary Secretary Tonio Fenech from Good Cause Funds 07.06.2006 206533471 Court 3 The President painting the base line September 2006 206533472 Courts Ready 22.09.2006 courts ready to be used 206533473 Parking Parking area September 2006 206533474 Wish Come True Mr Eleno and Ms Anna Mamo 22.09.2006 the mentors behind the whole project 206533476 First Match Photo The mentor behind the project with his son Sandro 22.09.2006 206533475 First court ready Sandro Mamo club number one September 2006 206533477 Autumns Singles Knock Out Tournament 2007 Sandro Mamo bt Eleno Mamo 60 62 Together with Club President Anthony Mamo after presentation of Trophies 206533556 Visiting Club Minister Dr Tonio Borg and Vice Prime Minister at Club November 2007 206533557 Club Coaching Sunday Coaching 206533558 2nd Anniversary Tournament September 2008 Singles Tournament Trophy presentation soon after the finals 206533559 Landscaping Landscaping 2008 Work done by Eleno Mamo 206533561 Work Club House 03.01.2009 206533562 Winter Singles T'Ment 2009 Sandro Mamo (blue) bt Sebastian Rivalry (red) 63 36 10.4 soon after the presentation of trophies on court. 206533560 Club View Photo taken on Friday 03.07.09 at 1030am 206533563 Entrance to Club Pavement added to the main entrance work done by Eleno Mamo 206533564 Visit to the Club Mr Clyde Puli Parliamentary Secretary for Sports signing the visitors book after he visited the Club on Friday 10th September 2010 206533565 4th Anniversary KO Tournament Plate Plate Tournament Winner Jevon Dimech and Runner Up Paul Borg after the presentation by the President 11.09.2010 206533566 Main Draw 4th Ann. KO Tournament Sandro Mamo bt Sebastian Rivalry 64 76(6) after the presentation of Trophies by Mr Anthony Mamo Club President Saturday 11.09.2010 206533567 Sunday 03rd October 2010 The parking area full of cars with partecipants for the first session of the 9th coaching course 206533569 Saturday 18th December 2010 Paul Borg, Elton Abela and Luigi Porto winners together with Sebastian Rivalry Team A of the Singles Team Tournament 206533568 Friday 24th December 2010 The clubhouse has it's downlighters fixed as all the other light fittings preparing for application to have electricity 206533570 Electricity at Club Wednesday 29.12.2010 Thanks to Mr Mario Cardona our neighbour we have light at the club. 206533571 12.03.2011 The clubhouse building ready as seen from the other side of the bypass. 206533572 10.04.2011 Winter Singles Tournament Mamo S bt Ravilry S 76 64 photo of the two players soon after the presentation of trophies on court. 206533573 04.06.2011 The area at the back of court 2 and 3 landscaped. 206533574 Saturday 11.06.2011 Family Aldrin Cassar of Mellieha members of our Club donated an Umpire's chair. 206533575 Monday 20.06.2011 The clubhouse from the entrance side. 206533576 Sunday 31.07.2011 Presentation of Trophies to Sandro Mamo Winner and Nigel Mansfield Runner-Up in the Singles League 206533577 Sunday 31.07.2011 2nd Division Winner Elton Abela and Joyce Scicluna Runner-Up together with Ms Anna Mamo who presented the trophies 206533578 Sunday 30.07.2011 Winners of the 3 Divisions soon after the presentation. 206533579 206533580 206533581 Sunday 4th December 2011 Finance Minister Tonio Fenech signing the visitors book on his visit to the club. 206533582 Monday 09.04.2012 Work on the entrance to the clubhouse finished as seen from the north side. 206533583 Saturday 19.05.2012 Winter Singles Final Mamo Sandro bt Van der Velde Lajos 61 06 10.8 both players with the trophies crafted by Sig. Roberto Andolfi of Andolfi Craft Ideas. 206533584 Friday 13.07.2012 at 1330 An aerial view of the two newly painted tennis courts. Court 2 was painted by Sandro Mamo and lines madeby Eleno Mamo 206533585 Friday 13.07.2012 at 1330 Aerial view of the Club. Court 2 was painted by Sandro Mamo and lines made by Eleno Mamo 206533586 Saturday 29.09.2012 Presentation photo after Paul Borg bt Elton Abela 64 76 in the Final of 6th Anniversary Singles KO T'Ment 206533587 Sunday 18.11.2012 Presentation by Finance Minister Tonio Fenech on behalf of Good Causes Fund to our Club 206533588 Tuesday 04.12.2012 Worker from RAICO installing electricity into the club house. 206533589 Saturday 2012.12.22 Presentation of Trophies to Team C winners of the Singles Team Tournament. Sammut Daniel, Zammit Alex, Chetcuti George. Missing from photo Chetcuti Kurt, Mifsud Jairo. 206533590 Friday 2013.03.08 The first pair of floodlights being mounted on court 3 by MCE workers. 206533591 Wednesday 2013.03.21 1900 court number 2 floodlights being switched on for the first time by Eleno Mamo and Paul Cortis from MCE 206533592 Wednesday 2013.03.21 Court number 2 floodlight for the first time 206533593 Saturday 2013.04.06 The part of the club house being used by the secretary and as a shop with tennis items for sale. 206533594 Monday 2013.05.20 Presentation after the Winter Singles Final. Mamo Sandro bt Mansfield Nigel 76(2) 61. The trophies where crafted and sponsored by Sig. Roberto Andolfi of Andolfi Crafts Ideas of Mdina 206533595